Love of a House

Fate was smiling when it brought us together. To sit on these couches and beds for days. Discussing what it means to be a creature. Creativity exploding out of the hearts and minds and walls of the house. A cluster of chakras living under the same roof; time warping through dimensions. We float in and out of the separate boxes. Each one feels different, a flux, when change is the only thing that stays the same. And what will we do today? Is the sun out? Or will we spend another day baking beats around the mixer. Roll another bean. Brain waves melding together experiencing the cosmos. A silent house whispering in the night. Untold stories behind closed doors. Secrets in the darkness. A community from the cosmos. Full moons and spliffs that go all day. The house vibrates with art, like all its inhabitants. Lost in a time warp a treasure trove of curiosities and curious humans wondering how to be. And this is only the beginning. Days pass like months a lifetime squeezed into 24 hours. Can’t sleep because you might miss the beauty that happens at 4am. Beds full of dreamers.